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   Since our inception we have contributed to professionally train the teams that manage hospitals and health centers which requires go in depth into management responsibilities in the health field (Head of Service, coordinators, managers ...). From a practical approach we have designed Courses, Workshops and training sessions:


   - Course "Hospital Purchasing and Warehouse Management"

   - Course "Management of Hospital Hospitality"

   - Course "Introduction to General Services"

    - Course "Implementation of the Law on State Contracts: Purchasing Area"

   - Course "Negotiation with Suppliers"


Besides, the president and founder of COGESA, Ángel Puente, is part of the faculty staff meeting of several master's degrees:


  - Master in Management of Health Services and Health Enterprises

    (Complutense University of Madrid)

  - Master in Management and Planning Centers and Healthcare Services

    (CTO Business Excellence School)

  - "Sales Management in Healthcare area  and Health Logistics

    Management" (University of Burgos and University of Valencia)

  - "Sales Team" (University of Barcelona)







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