Experts in Health Management efficiency

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Experts in Health Management efficiency


   Cogesa is a company specialized in helping health centers, hospitals and other health service institutions in order to reduce their management costs, enhancing the quality of the patients care service.


Cogesa was born in 1992 focused on Health Management consultancy by the hand of Ángel Puente, the founder of the company, who diversifies services for health, leading the company nowadays to the unique logistics operator focused exclusively in sanitary companies.


Cogesa’s mission is to facilitate the integrated management of sanitary companies in order to increase the quality of its care service. Our purpose is to get involved in the projects of our clients and their results.


Cogesa is specialized in make health service more efficient, through an innovative portfolio of services and a committed involvement.


Our list of services includes the most innovative portfolio of general services to satisfy the multiple logistic and management needs for the health sector, placing us as the only company specialized in help and increase efficiency in health services.


Cogesa meets the criteria established by the World Health Organization and has the proper credentials and the corresponding certificates.




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