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   The area of Supplies and Purchasing of a health center is one of the main focal points and one of the most susceptible to be updated and improved.

For this reason, many hospitals and health centers have relied on Cogesa for hiring a Consultancy, enabling them to know in detail the current status of their purchases and what measures should be implemented to reduce costs without any detriment concerning the healthcare quality of patients.


 It is precisely the opposite, Cogesa works with the key premise that health centers can significantly improve their quality service, reducing costs through rationalization and efficiency of processes.


The Supplies and Purchasing Consultancy integrates a complete analysis and diagnosis of human resources, for the spaces dedicated to storage, the current catalog of suppliers with which the center has supply contracts (price, delivery dates, returns, complaints ...) Warehouse Operation Plant and Services, Transit product replacement Management ... a complete and actual diagnosis of the protocol work in the area of Supplies and Purchasing and the recommendation of the action plan to follow for its optimization.



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