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Cogesa is a company specialized in logistic services for healthcare management with over 20 years in the sector with extensive experience in transportation and management of biological products with controlled temperature (chilled, frozen or liquid nitrogen immersion and dry ice).


Vaccines, blood serum, bloods and blood products, stem cells, sperm, tissue and biological samples in general ... The traceability of the container and temperature is essential to ensure a service that seeks efficiency. It is essential for us to ensure on time delivery and an optimal status, besides getting to our customers significant cost savings.


Cogesa is a specialized healthcare logistics operator; we transport sensitive and vital material.Therefore, we have an area of Innovation and Technology that continually seeks to improve our services. The real time information on the exact location of products or goods is essential for health centers and hospitals tasks.We develop technology in order to improve health.


Biosanitary Logistics service is developed 24 hours, 365 days a year, with emergency services and personalized extraordinary emergencies.


Cogesa meets the criteria established by the World Health Organization and has the proper credentials and corresponding certificates.



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